Reusable underpads with BioActive surface

Due to the special BioActive polyester fabric on the upper side of the incontinence sheets, liquids run very quickly into the interior of the sheet. At the same time, the special, anti-microbial fibre (trevira) reduces the development of odours and the increase of bacteria and is thus effective as pressure sore prevention.

In the highly absorbing middle coat liquids are tied quickly, ensuring slight remoistening.
The bottom side also consists of a fine, almost non-slip polyester fabric which has been laminated with a durable PU film. This waterproof part keeps liquids from getting into sheets and the mattress and hence protects from contamination.

The sheet is resistant to urine, blood, oils and ointments.

PES Velour- BioActive with interior PES absorbing fleece, laminiated with PU film, boil-, dryer-proof, not chlorenate
450 g/m²
75 x 85 cm
  • white/greywhite/grey