T180,T200 & T310

Light, economical and long-lasting

You will considerably reduce your washing costs with this elegant linen!

A set of 135x200 cm / 80x60 cm weighs only ca. 0.90 kg or 160x210 cm / 65x100 cm only ca. 1.08 kg.

The weight with 120 g/m² (130 g/m²) and with 70 (118) fibres per cm² is only possible with extremely fine yarns. Thus, the bed linen is very elegant and extremely robust.

For comparison: strip has 47 fibres/cm² and weighs 175 g/m²
Light bed linen has 58 fibres/cm² and weighs 130 g/m²

blended fabric
120 g/m²
T180,T200 & T310